Edria and other Gods


The Creator, The Destroyer, The Flame of Life and Death, The Sacred Sun

Edria is the most globally recognized god, with a temple or church in almost every single nation. Edria, where she is accepted as a god, is the creator of the world, and also the destroyer of the world. She has created each world in turn, destroying each to recreate from the ashes. She is associated with the sun and with fire. In her creator aspect she is associated with life and healing, but she is associated with death, destruction and chaos in her destruction aspect.

The Church of the Sacred Sun is a world spanning organization of priests and clerics, with a large number of holy orders, many of which are dedicated to various missionary goals, but also with many maintaining a wide variety of military or other purposes. The majority of paladins and inquisitors worship Edria.

Patron Gods

Despite the fact that Edria is the most universally recognized god, the majority of people worship a wide variety of regional patron gods, some more well known than others. The sheer variety available, makes it easy to find a cleric capable of nearly any domain available. Some patron gods are revered ancient heroes and ancestors, while others are old spirit cults and animistic faiths.

Edria and other Gods

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