The Dawnstar

Three decades ago, the Dawnstar didn’t exist. Two decades ago, the Dawnstar began to grow in size, each month growing larger and closing on the sun. One decade ago, and the Dawnstar was nearly a quarter as large as the sun, and nearly touching it as the pair rise each morning.

A month ago, the Dawnstar rose with the sun, the two embracing in a firey display.

Most have taken the Dawnstar to be a good omen. Peace has ruled the land for all the time the Dawnstar has been seen. Crops and livestock have flourished to an extent unknown throughout the land. Even the seasons have been kind, each year bringing calm and useful weather at just the right time.

But some talk of ancient history and prophecy, saying that the last approach of a Dawnstar led to a cleansing of the world. Talk of elves and gnomes, those hated fey lords used to scare children, has been on the rise, implications that perhaps they are not so mythical as we are led to believe. Some claim to have seen restless spirits in graveyards, burning soul embers, lost in the foggy night, calling out to lost relatives.

These are strange times to be alive…

The Dawnstar

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